There is no denying that we are under attack.  The Old Parties have been overseeing the destruction of our culture, values and way of life − while they ship our jobs overseas and rob us of our ability to save for our families.

Isn’t it absurd that our Prime Minister’s focus is the re-engineering of traditional relationships between men and women while he remains blind to the threats of Islamic terrorism?

Isn’t it disturbing to realize that the leader of the opposition agitates for more war in the Middle East and the increased off-shoring of our manufacturing jobs through endless free trade agreements?

It is clear that recent history has proven that whether you vote Liberal, Conservative or NDP, nothing changes − except for the inexorable destruction of our economic health and our traditions.

Consider that:

  • They don’t care if they send young Canadian soldiers to die in globalist wars in countries with whom we have nothing in common.
  • They don’t care if your hard-earned tax dollars are used to fund foreign third-world, failed nations.
  • They don’t care if young Canadian students have to fight for college and university admissions with foreigners, or for jobs when they graduate.
  • They don’t care if their open borders policy leads to increasing social conflict, welfare roles and unemployment.
  • They don’t care if their policies strike at the heart of Christian traditions and systematically discriminate against Anglo-Saxons, males in particular.

The Old Parties have been taken over by dangerous ideologues whose plans are to burn our society to the ground while micromanaging our lives, businesses and schools − even our speech.

And if a person openly complains, then their anti-human rights commissions go “full Stalin”.

One need only look at the Old Parties’ platforms to see how lost and disconnected their leadership has become.  For example, the Liberal Party platform is called “Real Change“, when instead they should call it “Rules for Radicals“.

If we want a free, civil and prosperous Canada, then the Old Parties are not the way to get there.

A New Political Party − A New Political Option

This is where the Liberty Institute of Canada comes in.  The party’s platform has been derived from our core values which respect our traditional culture and values with a strong  “Canada First” patriotic philosophy.

We urge you to compare our platform (available here) to those of the Old Parties.

For example:

Isn’t it time to start using our borders to our advantage so that Canadian businesses prosper, and a civil society is maintained?

Isn’t it time to reject the progressive agenda which aims to demean our  traditional Christian culture, values and way of life?

Isn’t it time to withdraw our soldiers from illegitimate battles being waged in countries where we do not belong and with whom we have nothing in common?

Isn’t it time to safeguard Canadian tax dollars to ensure they are well spent at home rather than in third world dictatorships?

It is time.  It is time to restore sanity to Canadian politics.  It is time to restore civility and prosperity to our society.

It is time to Restore Canada!