Sacrificing the lives of Canadian soldiers in illegitimate foreign wars is both immoral and criminal. It is time to bring our boys and girls home.

It is shocking that the Old Parties have been more than willing to send our young men and women into foreign lands to fight wars in countries in which we have no interest.

The Canadian military should play no role in the re-engineering of politics and economics of the Middle East, the Balkans, Ukraine and eastern Europe.

All these wars have nothing to do with democracy or peace.  They are all about fulfilling the demands of foreign globalist parasites who desire to use western, Christian armies to fight their wars.

It is time to bring our young fighters home to protect Canada!

Bring Our Army Home

The war in Afghanistan is now the longest running war in recent history. Not only did it not bring democracy and freedom to the country, but it has left a trail of dead soldiers, civilians and mass numbers of murders, rapes and torture.

The incursion into Libya was just as bad, if not worse and was completely unjustified.  Now Canadian soldiers are present in Iraq training their military − as if there is any success to be had.

The Guardian reported that the war in Libya was a catastrophic failure: “Amnesty International has evidence of mass abduction and detention, beating and routine torture, killings and atrocities by the rebel militias Britain, France and the US have backed…”

These wars were unjustified and we must call them out for what they are:  immoral and illegal − deadly schemes to use western armies to achieve globalist ambitions.  It is time to get our soldiers out of there.

The foreign-funded civil war in Ukraine which brought down the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 has caused needless and extensive suffering.  The Canadian military should be withdrawn from Ukraine immediately and the government should support the reinstatement of democracy rather than dictatorship imposed by foreign powers.

Now the sabre is being rattled against Russia because of its support of the government of Syria.  It is well known that the globalist warmongers need Syria to fall in order to pave the way for the invasion of Iran.  Such actions must be rejected as war crimes.  Needless to say, the Canadian government should support peace with Russia and a stable Syria.

It is no secret that Canada’s Minister of Defence essentially follows the instructions of foreign organizations such as The Council on Foreign Relations, the USA State Department and The Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Their ambitions aim to re-engineer the globe.  An important strategy of theirs is to use war to get the job done.  If Canada claims to be a peaceful country, then should we not reject their influence upon Canadian military action?

Recent events in Europe have exposed the dangerous influences of private billionaires who use their resources and connections through their NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) to fund attacks against the citizenry, even if it means bringing down duly democratically elected governments.

The results of their criminal activities include the civil war in Ukraine and attacks against the democratic governments of Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The “coloured revolutions” of the past few years were not organic movements of the people.  Instead, these were well-funded civil wars that resulted in a great deal of death and destruction.

It is time for the government to expose these dangerous individuals and to advocate for charges of treason against them where appropriate.