Our gun control laws are now working against the safety of Canadians. It is time to get it back on track.

An increase in gang violence in major Canadian cities has prompted a misguided attack on peaceful, lawful gun owners.

Let’s face reality: We all know that criminals will always find ways to get guns regardless of the law. The key is to severely punish illegal gun possession in the context of gang activity whilst promoting gun licensing for law-abiding citizens.

Gun Control Laws That Will Keep Canadians Safe

Canada’s Criminal Code is too lax on inner city gang members who are found in illegal possession of guns.  It is necessary to take these thugs off the street by dramatically increasing the minimum sentences for such possession.  By removing gang members from society, our inner cities will enjoy greater civility and peace.

If the U.S. experience has taught us anything, it is that society devolves into widespread violence when low-IQ thugs gain possession of guns.  Canada’s gun licensing process must be maintained to ensure that obtaining a license remains a challenge both mentally, physically and financially.

Because gang members do not take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, nor do they register their firearms, this strategy allows gang members to be arrested when they are in illegal possession of firearms even if they have not yet committed a crime with them.

Canada’s gun legislation is a hodge-podge of laws and regulations that create legal landmines for gun owners, gun store owners and manufacturers.  It should not be necessary to consult a lawyer each time a gun is purchased, imported, transported or repaired.

These laws must be streamlined and reduced to a few rules that affect public safety only.  For example, the need for an Authority to Transport imposes bureaucratic red tape upon individuals with no measurable impact on public safety.

For decades the law has deemed a criminal anyone who has defended their lives or the lives of their loved ones, or their property, with a firearm.  This goes against common sense.  The law must be changed so that individuals can defend what is important to them with whatever means is necessary.