Do you consider yourself to be a typical Canadian? If you do, then you likely value things like a civil society, personal freedom, and a government that defends the country’s borders, your culture and  way of life.

You likely also see value in ensuring that the society that was created through the accomplishments and ingenuity of your ancestors is respected rather than discarded and discredited.

You wish to hold on to your traditions, culture and values in order to create a better tomorrow for you and your family.

Moreover, you likely possess:

  • An underlying morality taught to you by your parents and Christian beliefs.
  • An appreciation of private property (what you earn is yours to keep).
  • A respect for parents and the traditional family.
  • A respect for entrepreneurs and inventors.

The progressive mainstream media, academics and Old Party politicians will try to convince you that your need to be “flexible” in your core, moral beliefs. That is, they would like to make you think that you need to offer a little “give and take” on your values so that peace and harmony can be achieved, and that they will do the same in return.

However, you’ve been duped. The give and take, as it turns out, is a one way street:  You are the one doing the giving whereas the progressives are the ones doing the taking.

Indeed, the progressives never give anything up. For example:

  • Did they consider your values when they rewrote the definition of marriage?
  • Did they care about your beliefs when they introduced sex ed programs that sexualize children as young as five years of age in public schools?
  • Did they think about the social ramifications of open borders?

It is their way, or the highway.

So, let’s stop trading away our fundamental beliefs and core moral principles.  Because the progressive will never be satisfied until they take everything away from us.

It is time to stop the one way trade.  It is time to Restore Canada!