Canadians deserve strict immigration controls to ensure civil peace and continued employment for Canadians.

Everyone knows that Canada’s immigration policy is no longer working in their best interests.

Plus, new immigrants often find it difficult to fit into the Canadian workforce due to language, cultural and skills problems.

Statistics Canada data shows that the unemployment rate for certain classes of immigrants exceeds 50%.

  • According to the Fraser Institute, welfare for immigrants costs the Canadian taxpayers $23 billion per year − the equivalent of $1,300 per year for every employed worker in Canada.
  • Plus, the immigrants who do find work send more than $25 billion per year back to their homelands, thus depriving Canada of much needed savings and investments.

Canada’s immigration policy also makes it necessary for young Canadians to compete for jobs with the influx of foreigners. Hence, the groundwork is being laid for increasing social conflict and violence.

It is time to reverse this trend by introducing new immigration legislation that will ensure civil peace and prosperity for Canadians.

Introduce Common Sense Immigration Laws

It is imperative that our immigration laws stop failing immigrants and Canadians by ensuring that any person who desires to live in Canada first satisfies the following conditions:

  • The person must secure a promise of employment with a known and respected business to ensure that he or she is able to make a living.
  • The prospective employer must provide proof that an exhaustive, country-wide search has been conducted and that there is no other Canadian citizen who can fulfill the job even after suitable training and/or education.
  • The person has suitable assets to fund his or her initial stay in Canada for a reasonable period time.

In this way we can ensure continued civil peace and that Canadian citizens no longer have to compete for jobs with foreigners whilst keeping new immigrants out of the welfare system.

The ability for citizens to communicate effectively is key to a well-functioning society.  It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that immigrants have a solid command English or French language, both written and oral.

The Old Parites have been pushing hard for reducing the time that an immigrant needs to live in Canada before getting Canadian citizenship.  How many times have we witnessed “new Canadians” egregiously violating the law and yet finding the government unable to do anything about it?

FYI: Switzerland has a 12 year probation period.

Instead, the probation period must be extended to a considerable period of time whereby the prospective citizen and his or her family must demonstrate peaceful existence in Canada, economic contribution through full-time employment and compatibility with the community.

If there is one thing that the last few decades − and the last few years in particular − have proven, it is that the mixing of disparate cultures results in conflict, violence and sometimes civil war.  History teaches us that the most peaceful and productive countries are the monocultural ones.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that any person wishing to live in Canada originates from a culture and possesses a background that is compatible with peaceful coexistence and integration into Canadian Christian society.  Each prospective immigrant must be carefully screened accordingly and those who do not meet strict standards must be sent back to their homeland.