Marxism and Freedom are Like Oil and Water


You have probably noticed that with each passing election, government becomes more intrusive, more restrictive and more demanding. Our ancestors would be appalled at how controlled our lives have become as a result of government over-reach.

For the leftist, such over-reach is a wonderful thing because of the need to crush our freedoms in order to pave the way for their fantasy “Utopia on earth” that is centrally managed by the political and corporate elite. For those of us who value our freedoms, such over-reach is viewed as very dangerous to our way of life.

Marxism and freedom are absolutely incompatible. They are like oil and water.

Moreover, Marxist societies always “eat themselves alive” because corrupted voters elect criminals who promise to give them more of other people’s “stuff.” That “stuff” is always taken from the productive class and given to the swelling ranks of the non-productive class.

When the productive class suffers, then there is less invention, entrepreneurship and job creation. In this system, the government-connected class (the “elite”) get richer, the middle class gets wiped out, and the poor get poorer.

The collapse of the Greek economy clearly demonstrates this point. The hapless citizens of Greece just keep voting for one failed communist government after another, expecting that the same old failed policies and handouts will work if only tried one more time by a different band of communist lunatics.

Canadians are now waking up, though, and the Internet is making this awakening possible.


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