Health Care Needs a Get-Well Plan


Imagine if the government ran the food industry. It would be a disaster, wouldn’t it? It is not difficult to conclude that the results would be food shortages, bread lines, high costs, poor service & conflict.

Well, aren’t the results of government run health care the same? Consider that, according to the Canadian Medical Association, Canada’s medical industry has one of the lowest rates of productivity in the world − which means that Canadians get the worst bang for their bucks.

William E. Goodman, MD, a Toronto specialist in otorhinolaryngology likens Canadian health care to the road to serfdom. In desperation, Ontario doctors have resorted to public ads to alert citizens that the system is broken.  So have the nurses.

In order cut down on costs, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that health care workers can now legally kill patients to unblock thousands of beds. Similarly, in the UK, over 130,000 patients are actively euthanized every year to get rid of “useless eaters”.

In order to save our medical system, we need to invite entrepreneurs, inventors and creative doctors back into health care – people who know how to serve customers rather than putting them to sleep.

One thing is for certain: The government should not be punishing medical entrepreneurs like Dr. Dockrill − to read about her shocking story, click here.


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