Cultural Genocide Through the University Back Door


Canadian universities and colleges love foreign students.

Firstly, they pay big money for tuition (not enough to cover their costs, though − each foreign student still costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year to educate).

Secondly, administrators and professors love the prestige of having foreigners since it makes it easier for them to travel on taxpayer-funded gigs at foreign schools.

They couldn’t care that giving visas to mass numbers of foreign students makes it more difficult for young Canadians to compete for positions in our schools. Also, they couldn’t care less that Canadians who graduate need to compete for jobs against the great number of foreigners who decide to stay in Canada and work after graduation rather than returning home.

What this means is a great influx of foreigners into Canada that fill professional, often powerful, positions.

this process contributes to the ongoing cultural genocide that is systematically being perpetrated against us.

Isn’t it time that we stop acting like sheep and going along with everything that these pernicious academics and professors demand?


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