You’re a Racist, Xenophobic, Rape Culture Loving Misogynist. Meh.

How crazy and dangerous the left has become.  If your skin is white, then they say that you oppress “people of color” due to your “white privilege” − even if you work hard for your family and community.  If you are a Christian, they say you are part of a “rape culture” − even if you live your life according to the Ten Commandments.  If you are a male, then they say you are a misogynist − even if you love your wife and daughters and treat women with great respect.  If you question mass immigration and open borders, then they say you are racist − even though you simply want to prevent the genociding of your society.  If you disagree with any of their degenerate ideas, they say you are a hater.

But it is those on the left who are the haters.  Hate runs through their cold veins.  They launch these epithets at us in order to demean, degrade and intimidate us.  They know that those on the right are waking up to destruction that they are inflicting upon our society.  They use these pejoratives in an attempt to shut us down, so that we do not question their efforts any further.  They yell “racist” and walk away thinking that they’ve won the argument.

But the word is getting out that they have not won the argument.  We are discovering their plans to destroy the family, Christianity, our traditions − our very way of life − and replace it with their magical, Marxiculturalist Utopia whereby a few central planners call the shots and run your life.  We now recognize that their goal is to reinvent our language and force you and your family to accept their degenerate, debauched lifestyles and to punish you if you complain.  In Canada, it takes very little before an Anti-Human Rights Commissioner comes knocking on your door demanding a legal penance.

It is now obvious that having any sort of civil discussion with these lunatics is impossible.  Their logic, their understanding of right and wrong, and comprehension of good and evil are so different than ours that there can no longer be a meeting of the minds over any societal or economic issues.

There is no middle ground anymore.

Image:  Lazy by mattysimpson. License: CC0.

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  1. Just another daily example of how the Marxist/socialist/elitists led by the POS Justine and his evil cronies are trying to take us. As I have always stated REAL Canadians need to stop their historic complacency and stand up and take our country back. We are already reaching a tipping point where we may not be able to stop Canada from being destroyed. Canada had the potential to be the healthiest, most educated and prosperous nation on earth and so sad where we stand today.

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