The Canadian Army: Now Puppets for the Globalists

The once proud Canadian Army has been reduced to doing the bidding of foreign governments, globalists and supra-national special interest groups. These foreign organizations have been very successful in directing western Christian armies to fight wars in which we do not belong nor hold any interest. We have been lied to − that we needed to “liberate” countries like Afghanistan and Libya from dictators to protect us from terrorists.

But these wars have been planned well in advance as proven by the statements of General Wesley Clark of the U.S. Army who admitted to the existence of a NATO plan to invade seven countries in five years. Plus, a UK Parliamentary report has disclosed that western allies are funding global terrorist organizations.

Countries like Iraq and Libya were relatively peaceful until our armies were criminally directed to bomb them to smithereens. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi weren’t nice individuals, but they kept the peace. Now the countries have been reduced to Satanic hell holes where Christian priests, nuns and citizens are routinely beheaded, tortured and raped.

The anti-Christian globalists now want our army to march into Syria. At the same time, guns are being pointed at Russia foretelling a potential nuclear confrontation. Putin is ringing the alarm bells. Nothing good can come from any of this except the additional, needless death of soldiers and innocent citizens.

Isn’t it time to get our army out of countries with which we share no culture, goals or ideals and instead put our soldiers on our borders to defend this country, like soldiers are supposed to do? Should we not reject the poisonous and dangerous agendas of malicious foreign governments, NATO, the UN and other private organizations and wealthy individuals who demand that we sacrifice young Canadians for their evil goals?

Image: Soldiers, Military by Defence-Imagery. License: CC0.

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