New Hampshire Safer Than B.C.?

For decades, the Old Parties, mainstream media and progressive elite have been on the war path against gun ownership.  They claim that gun laws make us safer.  But these claims are never substantiated.  In fact, research in 2015 by Ray McMaken at dispels the gun control myth in the article, With Few Gun Laws, New Hampshire Is Safer Than Much of Canada.

If you look at the chart presented in his article and the StatsCan data, you will find that northern Canada has, on average, the highest homicide rate in North America − even with Canadian gun laws.  New Hampshire, with its comparable “absence” of gun laws, has an average homicide rate of one half of British Columbia’s1.  The data clearly demonstrates that Canada’s gun laws do not make us safer.

Why the disparity in the average rates of homicide?  Well, we know it’s not due to the weather, or the hours of sunlight available during a winter day.  After all, Iceland is a country awash in guns, but one that has the third lowest homicide rate of all countries on the planet.  It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that it is the culture, values, morality and spirit of the people that determine their propensity to murder.  People who are good, moral, peaceful and come from a culture that values life, family and private property will not start killing one another just because they own guns.

For centuries, western Europeans, Americans and Canadians have had a tremendous tradition of free gun ownership and carry as a means of protecting their property and their families wherever they might go. The Marxiculturalists have brainwashed us into thinking that the rising rates of crime have been due to guns.  The truth is that increasing crime has been due to the degeneration of our culture, morality and the importation of violence from other countries and cultures.  Furthermore, progressives tend to be weaklings − losers who would never think of defending themselves or their family.  They hate strength and independence.  If they can’t defend themselves, then they don’t want you defending yourself, either.

In the real world, real criminals will always get guns despite gun control and they will use them against you.

Why should we law-abiding citizens be required to relinquish our fundamental right to defend our family and property against hardcore gangs and thugs to simply become helpless, unarmed victims, particularly at a time when we are under increasing assault from foreign criminals?

Note 1:  Homicide rate is typically expressed as the number of murders per year divided by the population.  In low population areas the rate can vary more significantly year to year compared to high population areas, so one needs to consider the overall average over a period of time.  

Image: North American Homicide Rate by Ryan McMaken.


  1. Stunning. The CBC, CTV, Global, and the rest, would never, ever let this hit the airwaves. Guns must be confiscated for safety! Ministry of truth, eh?

  2. If the government fails the 1st Amendment, then thank goodness we have the 2nd. Gun control is for criminals battling it out for ownership of first two Amendments. Once the fight ends, then our 2A is no longer an existing right to bear arms. There will always be a fight for gun control, and I say good! As long as that fight doesn’t end, our 2A is still solid!

  3. It’s a demographic issue. Whites and North East Asians have low murder rates regardless of gun laws. Blacks have high murder rates the world over. Others are in between.

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