Marxist / Leftist / Neocon. Political Lingo Explained.

Leftists, Marxists, communists, progressives, liberals, technocrats/greens, neocons – they are different names for the progressive left.  They all share a common ideology:  A hatred of freedom, entrepreneurship and traditional values, particularly Christian values.  Their goal is to do away with our freedoms and beliefs and replace them with a command and control economy and new morality whereby a few academic and political elite push and pull magic levers that drive mankind in one direction or another from economic and social points of view.

Their ultimate aim is to create a Utopia on Earth.  They reject the notion that individual freedom, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, a strong moral code and private property rights are required for our continued prosperity.  Instead, they live in a fantasy world where a few super-human elite can successfully regulate everything – from economics, to social behaviour, to politics.

These leftist, hard-core fanatics believe that we must reject our traditions and culture and replace them with their new, debauched ideologies.  Whereas we believe that mankind’s nature is to benefit himself by serving his fellow man through the free market, the leftists believe that freedom must be destroyed because it stands in the way of their creation of Utopia.  Whereas we believe that our rights come from God, the progressives believe that they come from Justin Trudeau and his ilk.

Marxism never died, it simply morphed into the philosophies adopted by our Old Mainstream Parties. 

Isn’t it time to kick them to the curb and eradicate their perverse ideologies for good?

Image: Communist Star.  License: Public Domain.

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