Celebrate the Truth: Monocultural Countries are Always the Most Peaceful

The mainstream media, academics and politicians like to chant the mantra that multiculturalism (a.k.a. diversity) is a strength.  The exact opposite is true, of course.  The reason is that when the people of a country share the same culture, then they share the same values, ideals, beliefs and way of life.  They treat each other in ways that everyone accepts.  They partake in activities that everyone understands.  When these are not the case, then conflict arises.

Take Iceland, for example.  Iceland is a monocultural country and is extraordinarily peaceful and prosperous.  The people are friendly, they work hard, the rate of crime is very low and even though the country is awash in guns, the murder rate is very low. Icelanders respect each other.  The country’s Protestant ethics and morality have laid a solid foundation for the great country it is today.

Now consider the multicultural countries like the U.S.A. Americans once thought that they had come upon the magic formula for multicultural peace.  Of course, that was long ago when the country was largely monocultural.  But as the country has progressed into its new multicultural state, it is now coming apart at the seams.  Not a day goes by that there isn’t some sort of violence erupting amongst cultural groups.

Not to mention poor old Europe that is being set on fire.  Rising tensions, civil strive, crime and conflicts in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Italy stem directly from the clash of civilizations amongst people of different cultures.

The same is happening in Canada.  The increasing rates of crime, planned terror attacks, conflicts between religions and attacks upon Christianity and Anglo-Saxon values and traditions proves the point that multiculturalism does not serve to enrich the country.  Rather, it serves only to weaken it to the breaking point.

When politicians, academics and billionaire social meddlers shout in our faces that “Diversity is Strength”, then we must be forceful in our reply:  Diversity is Weakness.  Diversity is Conflict.  History, and the bodies of the dead, prove the point.

Image: Hallgrímskirkja by hjorleifur.  License: CC0.

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  1. Thank you, as always for an excellent article. All REAL Canadians must rise up and stand together to take our country back from Justine and his evil cronies who are marxist/socialist/elitists and they are destroying our great nation. Canada has the potential to be one of the healthiest, prosperous nations on earth with true rights for all. Please, we all need to stand together and defend our great country.

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