Canada’s Political Parties Move Left

The last few decades have clearly demonstrated that all the major parties have moved hard to the left, including the Conservatives.  Consider the candidacy of Michael Chong who is running for the leadership of the Conservative Party.  He is hell bent on raising your cost of living through the imposition of carbon taxes and also supports the legal imposition of “diversity” and “inclusiveness” which mean increased attacks against Anglo-Saxon culture, values and our traditional way of life.

All parties now micromanage our lives and businesses through endless red tape.  They don’t care if our manufacturing base is being decimated and jobs are leaving the country in unprecedented numbers due to corrupt free trade deals.  They don’t care if young Canadians have to fight for college and university admissions with foreigners.  They don’t care if our borders are left open so that you not only have to fight harder for a job, but that you also have to deal with the resulting genocide of your culture, increasing welfare roles and societal violence.  They see no problem borrowing until the end of time.

They are now all on board the PC train and are desiring to pervert and micromanage the traditional relationships between men and women.  They increasingly attack the family with a mother and father as the head [note 1].    And if a person openly complains or raises the alarm bells about what is going on, then their anti-human rights commissions go “full Stalin”.

The history of the 20th century has clearly taught us that a top-down, micromanaged economy that is deeply in debt combined with a culture that is under attack never ends well.  Europe is a good example:  Eventually everything is destroyed by the left.

It is time to turn things around.  It is time to join us on the Hard Right.

Because there is no middle ground anymore.

Note 1: It is important to note that the Conservatives are the least of the evils in this regard. 

Image: Vegetables Walking Left by  Clker-Free-Vector-Images. License: CC0.

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