Are You on the Hard Right? The Answer is Probably “YES”

Do you consider yourself to be right wing?  Perhaps a little right of center?  The mainstream media and political elites will tell you that you need to compromise with the left to keep Canada in the center.  What they really mean is that you need to trade away your values and way of life in order to make peace with the left.

The left, particularly the progressive left which now dominates mainstream politics, does not see it that way, however.  From their perspective, they see no need to compromise with those of us on the right.  They just keep taking more and more.

For example:  Perhaps you begrudgingly accepted the use of “Happy Holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas” many years ago.  You were told that the word “Christ” might offend people without regard for what you thought.  Then you were convinced that the traditional roles of men and women were nothing but “social fabrications” and that you had to accept “new” types of relationships.

You may have accepted their argument that marriage wasn’t really that important.  Then you were convinced that untold amounts of government regulation was required to make for a prosperous society.  Also, you needed to accept mass immigration into Canada because they told you it was a good thing, even though you knew that cultural genocide was the result. And you were instructed to shut up about it, otherwise they would sic their thought police after you.

Can you see the point?  The left has no intention of ever accommodating those on the right.  They are hell bent on destroying your family, your children, you community, your business and your very way of life.  They will never compromise.  

In the eyes of the left, you and your culture are pure garbage.

Because these lunatics will always keep demanding more, we must realize that we must draw a hard lineno more compromise.

There is no middle ground anymore.  What remains on the political landscape are the PC degenerates on the progressive left and the rest of us who want to conserve our society and way of life on the right.  We must refuse to trade away any more of our values and realize that making peace with the left is suicide.

The Hard Right:  That is where you must land if you want to help restore Canada.

Image:  Robot Hand by Diryopi.  License: CC0.

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