About Liberty Institute of Canada

Liberty Institute of Canada exists to counteract the move to the extreme left by political, economic, academic and social institutions in Canada.  The effects of decades of interference in our economy, businesses and families by Marxist progressives have taken their toll:  A less productive economy, higher unemployment, closing factories, mounting debt and taxes, sky-rocketing energy prices, endless foreign wars, a corrupt and unaffordable educational system, mass immigration and cultural genocide.

The progressive elite who run our major institutions don’t care about your family, your culture, your values or your way of life.  In fact, they want to tear it all down so that they can built their version of a “Utopia on earth” that is micromanaged by a political and academic superclass.  And there are few signs that they will stop.  In fact, the last few decades have clearly demonstrated that whether you vote Liberal, Conservative or NDP, not much changes.  The reason is that there is not a lot of difference amongst the Old Parties because they share the same progressive ideologies.

Moreover, they are all equally economically ignorant and see no problems borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow.  They all like to micromanage our lives and businesses through endless red tape.  They don’t care if our manufacturing base is being decimated and jobs are leaving the country in unprecedented numbers.  They don’t care if young Canadians have to fight for college and university admissions with foreigners.

Now they’re moving into the micromanagement of traditional relationships between men and women and attacking the family and Christianity.  And if a person openly complains, then their anti-human rights commissions go “full Stalin”.  If we want a free and prosperous Canada, then things need to change.  We need to rediscover the virtue of being true, “small-c” conservatives who wish to “conserve” what our ancestors have built including our freedoms, prosperity, economic structure, culture − indeed, our very way of life.

Today, being a small-c conservative means being on the “hard right” because there is no middle ground anymore.  We cannot afford to make any further compromises with the degenerates on the left.  In fact, we need to roll-back the losses we have endured.

Liberty Institute of Canada plans to help get us there.  We hope to have you on our side!

Image:  Puzzle by PIRO4D.  License: CC0.


  1. It is time to put political correctness into the trash where it belongs. Immigrants must adhere to Canadian laws , norms and values. Canada has vast resources. It’s time we harvest what is ours and trade with the world, not sell our mining rights to the highest bidder. We need to address our dying planet , and seek energy solutions other than oil,and coal. Molten salt reactors and thorium has to factor in the equation . Molten salt reactors are safe, will burn depleted uranium and thorium is available everywhere. Also, no chance of melt down and no chance for making nuclear weapons .

  2. “The progressive elite who run our major institutions don’t care about your family, your culture, your values or your way of life.”
    It’s genocide by stealth. So now what?

  3. Exactly! So now what? The next phase ain’t gonna be pretty. Pick a side and hope you aren’t the one being chucked out of a helicopter!

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